Why Donate?

Many people think that MSO is 100% funded by ticket sales and government funding. While important, these sources cannot solely support all that we do.

Check out the following facts about how we contribute to the economic vitality of the area (in other words, we create jobs!):

1. We have a $1.3 million payroll.

                            Music teachers (many of whom also play in MSO)

                            80 part-time musicians

                            10 full-time staff members

2. We pay for more than 800 hotel rooms  to accommodate musicians (we have people come from all over the place to play in our symphony!) and guest artists during the season.

3. We bring thousands of people who dine, shop, and park downtown one weekend almost every month of the year.

4. In the state of Alabama, the creative industries represent:
                             4,781        Businesses                         
                           71,081        Employees  
                     $2 billion       
In Wages
                  $8.7 billion        Annual Revenue

 Check out our DONATE page to find out how you can support the
Mobile Symphony Orchestra!