Celia Mann Baehr

Director of Finance & HR Administrator
Amy Cummings

Director of Development
Gina O’Brien Finnegan

Director of Operations/Orchestra Personnel Manager 
Ben Harper

Patron Services Manager
Caroline Johnston

Librarian/Operations Assistant
Rodney Byrd

Marketing Associate/Stage Manager
Haven Graham

Student Associate
Jaishon Robinson

Education Staff

Director of Education
Daniela Pardo

Program Coordinator
Ben Harper

Preludes Instructors
Andrés Aleán
Ashley Overby
Dr. Fabiana Magrinelli
Dr. Silvia Suárez

Strings Instructors
Andrés Aleán
Andrea Beltrán Landers
Ashley Overby
Daniela Pardo
Dr. Silvia Suárez
José Sunderland

Director of String Academy & Eastern Shore Strings
Daniela Pardo

Director of Chamber Strings Academy
Dr. Silvia Suárez

Mobile Symphony Youth Orchestra

Music Director & Conductor
Iván del Prado

Associate Conductor
Dr. Timothy Beattie

MSYO Administrator
Ben Harper

String Coaches
Ashley Overby
Zully Morales
Leonard Ligon
Daniela Pardo
José Sunderland

Brass & Woodwind Coaches
Dr. Andra Bohnet
Dr. Amy Selkirk
Dr. Kip Franklin
Richard Jernigan
Evelyn Watkins
Mollie Pate
Dr. Peter Wood
Dr. Arie VandeWaa
Laura Noah

MSYO Student Associate
Cooper Tate