Artist Spotlight: Diane Penning

“In recent years, I have had the pleasure of singing with a variety of exceptional orchestras, including eight performances with the Elgin Symphony and seven with the Grand Rapids Symphony. I have also had the honor of performing in duo with some outstanding singers such as tenor Doug LaBrecque and tenor Aaron Lazar.

“For me, performing is both an artistic and a spiritual experience. It is deeply meaningful for me to create an experience for the audience that draws them into the artistry of the music. I also value creating a variety of moods in my performances–whether it be the poignancy of songs like Bernstein’s “Somewhere,” the lyricism of Rodgers & Hammerstein, or the levity of a comedic piece. I have been able to co-create programs that integrate a breadth of material, and I can provide arrangements which have been well received by orchestras and conductors.” -Diane Penning

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