Lisa Wiggins

WigginsAt four year of age, Lisa Wiggins began studying violin with her grandfather. It was not until she began college that Lisa fell in love with the violin. Lisa’s positive experience with her college violin instructor made her passionate about recognizing the important role that music teachers take in creating a positive or negative experience with music for their students.

Lisa started her formal music education at Florida State University before transferring to New England Conservatory, in Boston, where she earned a Bachelors of Music in violin performance.

Lisa was a member of the New World Symphony, which presented an opportunity to play under some of the best conductors in the world. This experience remains one of her career highlights. After which, Lisa moved to Europe and lived in various countries for nearly 10 years, playing music and teaching the violin.

Lisa joined the Mobile Symphony in 2002. Currently, she plays and teaches in Huntsville and Scottsboro. Lisa also teaches violin at University of Alabama/Huntsville.

Though Lisa has to drive 300 miles every time she plays with Mobile Symphony, she gladly does so because of the quality, the organization’s professionalism, and the emphasis put on the importance of music in everyday life.