Elaine Bastos

Originally from Brazil, Elaine Bastos was thirteen years old when she first heard the captivating sound of the violin, and immediately decided to pursue learning the instrument. Since then, she has dedicated her life to becoming a professional violinist. She has played in a number of orchestras in Brazil and in the United States. This is Ms. Bastos’ first year as a member of the Mobile Symphony Orchestra.

Ms. Bastos is a third year doctoral candidate in violin performance at Florida State University. As a Teaching Assistant for Dr. Benjamin Sung, she teaches, plays in numerous chamber ensembles, and performs with the prestigious University Symphony Orchestra.

She has participated in several summer music festivals, such as Brevard Music Center, and Miami Summer Music festival, where she had the opportunity to study with distinguished violinists such as Gary Levinson and Yuriy Bekker. Ms. Bastos currently performs with the Valdosta Symphony Orchestra, Space Coast Symphony Orchestra and the Albany Symphony Orchestra.

In addition, Miss Bastos dedicates her time to private teaching, working as a stage technician at Florida State University and exercising. Her favorite thing to do is to travel to visit her family in her hometown, Fortaleza, Brazil.