Jasmin Arakawa

Before starting the piano at age 5, Jasmin began ballet lessons in Sapporo, Japan. When she moved to a rural city, there was no ballet teacher so she took up piano lessons instead. Soon she found that playing the piano was more fun and less work than dancing ballet. Jasmin especially loved the fact that she got to sit down all the time. Piano remains the only thing that she never quit in her life. She joined the Mobile Symphony Orchestra in 2015.


Jasmin graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, and continued her studies at Indiana University with the legendary pianist Emile Naoumoff, who is the last protégé of Nadia Boulanger. She has appeared as a soloist with the Philips Symphony Orchestra in Amsterdam, Piracicaba Symphony Orchestra in Brazil, and several orchestras in her native Japan. In addition, she has performed around the world as a soloist and chamber musician. Since 2014, Jasmin has been a faculty member at the University of South Alabama.


Outside of music, Jasmin is interested in personal finance, budget cooking, and learning to ride a unicycle. Read more about Jasmin at www.jasminarakawa.com .